Programs and events focused on faith

St. Matthias Parish is committed to the formation of parishioners of all ages and believes strongly that learning does not end when formal religious education classes end. St. Matthias offers Faith Sharing Groups, Bible Studies, topical talks and dinners as well as book distributions to invite our parishioners to always be working and growing in their spiritual lives.  

We are blessed to have an active Education Commission that plans and coordinates opportunities for our adult community. This year we are also adding group DVD viewings to further our educational experience.

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Parish Library

The Parish Library offers a  large selection of books, periodicals, videos, and dvd's  on such subjects as prayer, saints, theology, church history  and more. The library is a perfect place  to escape the craziness of everyday life and enjoy reading, working on the computer, watching a video or sitting by the fireplace. The library is open during normal business hours.